About Melcor REIT

We acquire, manage and lease quality commercial properties in western Canadian markets and have an established and diversified portfolio.

Melcor REIT is an unincorporated open-ended real estate investment trust. The REIT is a spin-off of Melcor Developments Ltd.: a company founded in 1923 with a rich tradition of growth and excellence in real estate development. Melcor Developments Ltd. owns a controlling interest in Melcor REIT and sponsored the REIT’s IPO in 2013. Melcor and the REIT have a synergistic relationship via the REIT’s right of first offer on commercial properties developed by Melcor. To date, the REIT has completed four vend-ins from Melcor.

Melcor REIT continues to deliver stable results and a consistent monthly distribution to unitholders.

Our History

With 97 years of stable returns in real estate, Melcor Developments’ legacy is a solid foundation for Melcor REIT. With financial stability, the proven ability to adapt to changing economic and market landscapes, and its dedication to developing high quality investment properties and residential communities, Melcor Developments has earned its reputation as an industry leader.

About Melcor Developments

Our Strategy

Our growth strategy is simple: acquire and improve. We continue to execute on this by improving assets with value-add investments and strategically growing our portfolio. Our unique relationship with Melcor Developments, with a right of first offer on the commercial properties they develop is a key competitive advantage. Melcor has over 5 million square feet in planned commercial developments projected to be completed over the next 5-10 years.

Business Strategy

Key Figures

*at December 31, 2019 unless otherwise noted

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    GLA Growth Since Inception*

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      2018 Revenue


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      Experience matters. It is a key component of our ability to deliver results. Our team is made up of real estate experts with substantial knowledge of the markets where we operate and the buildings we own.


      Years average ownership


      GLA built or redeveloped by Melcor


      Years property & asset management experience


      On-time response to service requests

      Our People

      The strength of our portfolio is in our people. Our team exhibits professionalism and leadership in all areas, and genuinely cares about the work they do and the tenants they serve to ensure that we are the landlord of choice.

      Board & Management

      Our board and management team is backed by a wealth of experience and expertise in real estate and public company stewardship. Learn more about the individuals guiding the direction of Melcor REIT.

      Board & Management

      Commitment to Excellence

      Excellence happens in the details. Learn more about how our dedication to creating attractive properties generates long-term tenants.

      Our Commitment