We prioritize customer care to ensure that we remain the landlord of choice for our tenants.

Our hands-on, on-site building management delivers exceptional customer care and identifies issues early on for prompt resolution. With our 30 minute response time, we pride ourselves on being landlords that tenants can rely on.

Beyond day-to-day management, we continually improve our assets with value-add investments that enhance quality and the tenant experience while also contributing to sustainability and environmental best practices. Examples include the addition of walking trails, water features, parks, on-site landscaping, building showers, and other amenities dedicated to tenant satisfaction.

30 Minute Response Time

Tenants can visit and submit service requests in a snap!  We work to maintain a 30 minute response time for any service request.


Long Term Tenants

We value the relationships we build with our clients. We have many long-term tenants – some who have been with us for over 25 years. We take pride in our ability to continually meet our tenants needs as their businesses evolve.

Our commitment to excellence is a cornerstone of our business.

Melcor has either built or significantly redeveloped a majority of the buildings sold to the REIT. This history of building creates a great sense of pride and the desire to maintain our properties in immaculate condition.

From a maintenance perspective, we know our buildings better than anyone, because we’ve likely taken a hand in designing them. The level of care we put into quality starts from the ground up – quite often, literally. We put the extra effort in because we care, and we pride ourselves in the assurance of quality we can provide when tenants choose to become a Melcor REIT tenant.

Our tenants trust us for our ceaseless dedication to quality in all areas – building maintenance and cleanliness, responsive building operators who are ready to help, and property managers who care. We use our intimate knowledge of the buildings we operate to support our capital investment decisions, optimize operating efficiency and continuously improve our buildings for improved client satisfaction.

Diverse Properties

We hold a diverse portfolio of high quality industrial, retail, and office properties, built with sustainability and longevity in mind.

Building & Redeveloping

Our buildings embody our signature standard of excellence. To ensure that we are maintaining the highest of standards, Melcor has had a hand in building substantially redeveloping 65% of our properties.

It's all in the details.

Excellence happens in the details, and we know that little things make a big difference when it comes to tenant satisfaction and enjoyment. In any environment, many elements come together in combination to create a beautiful space. Our attention to detail helps us create properties that just ‘feel’ good to be in, and we’re proud of the level of consideration that goes into each of our properties. It’s not just about the physical details – tenant events ensure that we are continually building long-term relationships.